Staying true to their mission, Betterhood continues being a good neighbor; from providing reusable masks during the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic to creating a local book exchange that also distributes handmade Good Vibes craft giveaways, Betterhood is there for the community.

Through our partnerships with other nonprofits, we continue to grow and become more effective. Spreading kindness, love, and helping when and where you can is the key to change and creating a better world through the neighborhoods around us.

Our Mission

No matter what, our mission continues: Helping the lives closest to us.

If you’d like to learn the full story of how BetterHood got started, read the blog post, A Concept As a Mission-How BetterHood was Formed.

Ways to Help

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  1. Thank you so much for the face masks! They are awesome.. Quality and fit are great. Keep up the amazing work


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