Staying Connected to Nature in the City

When you live in an urban setting it’s difficult to keep a connection to nature. Some people have even grown irritated by nature’s way… “Stupid bugs in my house!” “Those damn birds won’t shut up!” “I hate how that squirrel always gets in my way!” …but the irritation is really from a disconnection with nature.Continue reading “Staying Connected to Nature in the City”

A Concept As a Mission-How BetterHood was Formed

Food For Thought When I began working part-time at a local supermarket last year, I was shocked and a little bothered by the amount of food being thrown out everyday. Yes, the food was at or near its expiration date. And hey, food expires, right? But wasn’t there something I could do about it? IContinue reading “A Concept As a Mission-How BetterHood was Formed”