Staying Connected to Nature in the City

When you live in an urban setting it’s difficult to keep a connection to nature. Some people have even grown irritated by nature’s way…

“Stupid bugs in my house!”

“Those damn birds won’t shut up!”

“I hate how that squirrel always gets in my way!”

…but the irritation is really from a disconnection with nature.

It’s so important to keep that connection because not only is nature capable of soothing our stress and bringing us happiness, ultimately, it is a truism: We are nature and we need to remember who we are.

So, when you take a walk in your neighborhood, don’t forget to slow down and take notice of the beautiful trees around you. Even if you only have one maple tree on your block. Notice the warmth the sun wraps you in. Notice the sweet songs birds sing. Nature creates beautiful artwork we can appreciate if we just take the time to notice.

It’s important to also teach our children how to stay connected to nature-to teach them how to treat our earth with kindness and love This is our home and it is our job to take care of it.

Here are some possible ways to reconnect with nature:

  • Create your own bird field guide, either by using this wonderful Audobon app or this printable field guide for kids.
  • Plant a butterfly attracting plant either in your window box or garden, check here for a list of plants
  • Try to identify the different types of trees and their leaf shapes, use this Arbor Day Identification
  • Just take a moment to be outside, in your backyard, in a park, or just under a big tree and slow down, breath, and enjoy!

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